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&Real stone paint is a kind of water based diluent, which is strong, does not fall off, does not fade, and has a good protective effect on buildings.
&The real stone paint is a kind of thick coating made of anti-inflammatory high-quality polymer emulsion as binder, color natural color sand as main component and high-quality additives. It has the advantages of adhesion, water-proof, alkali resistant, UV resistant, non-toxic and tasteless. Its appearance has the natural color, stable texture of marble and granite, and has a good decorative effect.
&Real stone paint is a kind of environmental protection paint for the renovation of high-grade residential quarters, office buildings, public buildings, villas and rural external walls.

&Nbsp; & nbsp; real stone paint has the following characteristics:
·High simulation, unique natural stone decoration effect.
·It is widely used and can be used in various facade construction.
·Durable, not easy to fade, the effect can be maintained for more than 10 years.
·It is resistant to natural corrosion, excellent water resistance, acid rain and contamination.
·The film has good flexibility and can cover the small cracks on the wall.
·Energy saving and environmental protection.
·Light weight, can reduce the building load by nearly 70% compared with the traditional stone.
·Safe, no risk of falling off.
·Cost performance is high, the cost is only 10-20% of stone.
·Convenient construction and maintenance.

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