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Multicolor paint
&Multi color paint, also known as water in water, is a kind of environmental protection exterior wall paint. The effect of colorful lacquer imitating granite is lifelike. The finished product of spraying highlights simplicity, beauty and elegance. The texture of granite is natural and smooth, and the surface is smooth and smooth. The coating has high adhesion, no crazing, high weather resistance and temperature change resistance, high pollution resistance and easy cleaning, strong self-cleaning function, and longer service life than other coatings. It is especially suitable for the decoration and protection of the walls of various villas, hotels, high-grade office buildings and other high-rise buildings.

&Nbsp; & nbsp; product characteristics of multicolor paint:
&Nbsp; & nbsp; safety and environmental protection: adopt pure water-based formula, the main material is natural colored sand, non-toxic and tasteless. The self weight is very light, the load on the main body of the building is very small, and there is no potential safety hazard of falling.
&Nbsp; & nbsp; high grade, beautiful and decorative: strong simulation effect, various colors available.
&Durable: strong adhesion with building base material, pollution resistance, acid rain resistance, color fastness, high weather resistance, aging resistance, rain resistance, mildew resistance and algae resistance. The service life is more than 10 years.
&Nbsp; & nbsp; anti seepage and anti pollution: water in water multi-color coating, good flexibility, elastic crack resistance, smooth and anti-seepage surface, strong self-cleaning function.
&Convenient to follow shape: it can be sprayed on trapezoidal surface, cylindrical arc surface, fan-shaped surface, various special shapes and special shapes.
&The construction is convenient and the working procedure is simple. The daily maintenance is convenient, and the wall can be cleaned with high-pressure water gun.

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